Canon 13"x19" Film Output Solution

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Canon IX6820 13" x 19" Film Output Solutions.

The Canon ix6820 is a very affordable and easy to use film output system. While there is currently no RIP software available yet for this printer, we've found that with the correct paper setting this printer combined with our uv blocking ink will print very dark film positives and burn great screens even with the most powerful exposure units.

Large 13x19 output
Money saving refillable ink system
Quality ink made in America
Manufacturer 1 year warranty on printer
1 year warranty on cartridges
Free domestic shipping
Free tech support

The Canon  13"x19" Film Output Solution Includes:

  • New Canon ix6800 Printer - 13"x19 Capable wide format desktop printer
  • 5 Refillable Cartridges pre-filled with our uv blocking ink,comes with auto reset chips no chip re-setter required
  • Our new refillable ink jar.
  • Film Direct waterproof film  - 100 sheet box of 13x19"
  • Instructions - detailed instructions

Canon ix6800 Printer

Canon ix6800 Printer Maximum Printer Width: 13 inches
Software & Drivers: Includes printer drivers
System Requirements: Mac or PC

FD Black Dye Ink and Refillable Cartridges

Our kit is unique in that it utilizes a refillable all black ink system. The cartridges have auto-reset chips installed. This means that every time you remove and reinstall the cartridge(s) it resets the ink count to full. Simply use our bulk ink along with our refilling jar and syringe combo to easily refill the cartridges. Our FD UV blocking Black Dye Ink is specially formulated for film output. It's a lot more opaque than standard Canon ink. Thus giving you better line and dot retention when burning your screens.

FD Dye Black

Our custom Canon UV blocking dye black ink is specially formulated for Canon printers. It's specifically designed to be fast drying, scratch and fade resistant. It works with both water proof and non-water proof media.

Our dye ink not only has superior UV blocking characteristics to standard pigment inks, our bulk system dye ink is also a lot cheaper than standard inkjet cartridges.
FD Waterproof Film

It has never been easier or more affordable to produce quality film positives from an inkjet printer.
Our FD film is a direct positive waterproof film with quick drying capability. FD film meets the most demanding requirements of screen printers who are interested in using their inkjet's for imaging color separations. With a thickness of 4 mils and a micro-porous coating technology that controls dot gain, UV characteristics, and drying, FD Film is perfect for color separations. Manufactured for use with piezo printers, FD Film offers a Visual dMax of 4.0, a UV dMax of 3.7 and a dMin of .07.

Holds registration,  stable won't shrink like vellum
Works with both dye and pigment inks., works with both piezo and thermal print heads
Designed specifically for the screen printing market
The same film we use daily for film output service
4 mil thickness provides better handling and density than vellum
Available in both sheets and rolls
RIP Info:

Currently there is no RIP software available for this printer. However you can still print spot colors from your favorite art program. This printer with our UV blocking ink is more than capable of printing film positives that can block the light from even the most high output exposure units. And if you need to print halftones you can still print them from either Adobe Photoshop using the bitmap command or Coreldraw with an aftermarket plug in. 

These two plug in's will make printing halftones a breeze:

SimRIP3 (Photoshop Plugin):


For Corel look for SimpleSeps:



Please Note:

Canon printers are special order and are non-returnable. But they are covered under the manufacturers one year warranty. Product ships from our California warehouse.

 These are Canon compatible cartridges and not manufactured by Canon, Canon is a registered trademark of the Canon corporation.


You can download the instructions here:

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