Cartridge Filling Station - 100 ml

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  • Cartridge Filling Station - 100 ml
  • Load ink into the syringe. Easier to fill than from a bottle!
  • Depress the ink into the syringe
  • Pick your bottle size and syringe to refill the ink station


Now offering our ink filling station as a stand alone item. This easy to use filling station takes the mess out of refilling refillable ink cartridges. Simply put the cartridge in the top of the filling station, draw the ink into the supplied syringe and dispense the ink into the fill hole of your refillable cartridge. The filling station holds the ink securely ink so there is less chance of spilling a bottle of ink. The filling station holds enough ink to fill around 8 small inkjet cartridges. The filling station is easily refilled with our refill kit (sold separately).

Filling Station Highlights:

  • Easy to use, less chance of spilling ink.
  • Refills approximately 8 small injket cartridges
  • Works with all our small format cartridges including Epson 1100, 1400 /1430, R1800 , R1900, 2200 (not included)
  • Easy to refill to with our refill kit (not included)
  • Comes with syringe that snaps back in place when not in use.
  • Comes pre-filled with 100 ml (roughly 4oz) our FD UV blocking Dye Black ink

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