1430 /1400 Completely Black Ink Kit-

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  • 1430 /1400  Completely Black Ink Kit-
  • 1430 /1400  Completely Black Ink Kit-
  • 1430 /1400  Completely Black Ink Kit-
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Reliable and easy to use refillable all black ink cartridge set for a variety of Epson printers.  Filled with Film Directs own Orignal UV blocking Dye Black Ink these cartridges will allow you to optimize your Epson wide format printer for film positives and negatives. Our kit is completely compatible with PrintFab, Accurip, Film Maker, Epson Drivers or RIP Software that utilize all black cartridges.

Key Features:

  • Easy to Use
  • Cost effective - Less than $5.00 per cartridge refill
  • Auto Reset Chips
  • Works with or without a RIP
  • Ink is made in America
  • 90 day Warranty


 Our refillable cartridges will save you both time and money. Inevitably you'll run out of ink at the worst possible time, simply just refill the cartridges with our easy to use syringe. The cartridges have auto-reset chips so they will let you know when they are out of ink, simply remove the cartridge, fill it, restart the printer and reinstall the cartridge and the printer will recognize the cartridge as full.  Our UV blocking dye black ink is the the best on the market for film output. It's formulated for maximum density and fast drying. And because it is a particulate free ink it's more resistant to head clogs.

What you get in the kit:

  • 1 - set of our pre-filled refillable ink cartridges with auto reset chips
  • 1 - 4 oz bottle of ink and Easy Refill Jar
  • 1 - Filling Syringe

More info on our products:

Our cartridges feature a membrane free tank that are easier to refill and will not require re-priming in the event you run out of ink. 

Also included with our new ink kit is our Easy Refill Jar. Avoid frustrating spills as the Easy Refill Jar holds your extra ink in a secure enclosure. With the supplied syringe it makes filling your cartridges a snap. The Easy Refill Jar is refillable and holds up to 8 oz. When you run out of ink you can refill it with our bulk ink.

 Need a RIP Software?

We now offer PrintFab which has all the same features of Accurip or FilmMaker at a lower price point. Read more about it here:

Compatibility: Epson 1400, 1430



ACCURIP, Film Maker and Epson are trademarks of their respective companies and not affiliated with Film Direct.

All cartridges are NOT manufactured by Epson.

Compatible Printers

Epson 1400 Epson Artisan 1430

Compatible Cartridge number

T079120 (#79)
T079220 (#79)
T079320 (#79)
T079420 (#79)
T079520 (#79)
T079620 (#79)


Download instructions here:






Do you need a RIP software?

Ink control is one of the key factors in producing high quality film. Too much ink and you gain up your image, loose detail and throw off your dot percentages. Too little ink and you'll get banding and poor screen burning. We've found that the Epson drivers are adequate for producing simple line art film. But the all black feature of Accurip or the multi black feature of FilmMaker will give you the best ink control, the ability to produce spot colors and print halftones. All of which increase the qualiy and save you time. Do we think a rip is worth the money? Yes, we do. Can you get away without it for simple line art separations? Yes, absolutely.

We no longer offer any rips for sale but we recommend you purchase them from the respective manufacturers websites.

Using our suggested ink setting, printing directly from your favorite art program, you can produce quality printed film right out of the box with or without a RIP.

If you haven't done so already, check out the printed film samples in the image section above. As you can see these pictures were taken on an exposure unit. The image on the top was printed with our suggested "Rich Black" ink settings from the Epson drivers. The key to getting dark films without a rip is to set your art file up as a cmyk image and set every channel to 100%. This will force the printer to print from more than just the "photo black" cartridge. Also you need to use the  "Premium Presentation Paper Matte" setting from the Epson driver setting. Using our all black ink system and using these simple settings will get you really nice film.

So do you need to spend $500+ for RIP software? The answer is yes and no. If you're a smaller shop that isn't doing much in the way of fine detail or halftones then you can get away without a rip. If you're printing a lot of film and could benefit from being able to produce halftones and print spot colors then we would definitely recommend a RIP like Accurip or FilmMaker. If you look closely at the second image in the printed sample film above you will see that not only the rip will give you really dense films it will also hold the detail better.


Is the ink UV blocking?

Yes, our UV blocking dye ink is made right here in the good old US of A. It's the best ink on the market for film output on inkjet printers. It's specifically designed to be fast drying, scratch and fade resistant. It works with both water proof and non-water proof media.

Our dye ink not only has superior UV blocking characteristics to standard pigment inks, our bulk system dye ink is also a lot cheaper than standard inkjet cartridges.



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    1430 Complete Black Ink Kit

    Posted by Joseph Pearson on 25th Sep 2019

    This is my second set... first set lasted me over 4 years. Great product easier to fill than the old ones. I would suggest this to anyone printing all blacks for film.

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