Epson P400 Compatible Refillable All Black Ink Kit

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Now available is our refillable all black ink kit for the Epson p400 13"x19" printer. All the cartridges come pre-filled with our signature FD UV blocking dye black ink for clean, dark film positives for easy exposure. Works great with Accurip or other RIP systems that support multi-black cartridge printing. Can also be used with Epson drivers using our suggested paper settings. Cartridges have auto-reset chips which means they will reset automatically when the printer determines that 85% on the ink has been used. You do not need a chip re-setter. This set also comes with our refilling station that comes with an extra 100ml of ink.

What comes in the box:

  • 8 x pre-filled Epson p400 compatible refillable cartridges.
  • 1 Gloss Optimizer T3240 Cartridge filled with UV blocking ink
  • 1 Photo Black Compatible T3241 Cartridge filled with UV blocking ink
  • 1 Cyan Compatible T3242 Cartridge filled with UV blocking ink
  • 1 Magenta Compatible T3243 Cartridge filled with UV blocking ink
  • 1 Yellow Compatible T3244 Cartridge filled with UV blocking ink
  • 1 Red Compatible T3247 Cartridge filled with UV blocking ink
  • 1 Matte Black Compatible T3248 Cartridge filled with UV blocking ink
  • 1 Orange Compatible T3249 Cartridge filled with UV blocking ink
  • 1 x filling station with 100 ml ink and syringe
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Compatible Printers

Epson SureColor P400

T324020 (#324)
T324120 (#324)
T324220 (#324)
T324320 (#324)
T324420 (#324)
T324720 (#324)
T324820 (#324)
T324920 (#324)
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1 Review

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    Terrible and wrong compatibility

    Posted by Jason on 5th Feb 2019

    this is an all black ink cartridge set for the epson p-400 to be used with accurip....Here's the first problem, accurip only uses one cartridge the matte black cartridge. so the other 7 cartridges are useless. the second problem is the print quality is terrible, third problem, the cartridges have failed to be recognized while trying to clean the heads. I haven't been able to print out any film. just waste time and ink trying to clean print heads. a complete ripoff!

    Sorry for the frustration, this kit is designed to work with multiple RIPS and drivers which utilize the all black cartridges differently. Accurip uses either the PK or MK cartridge for film. the others are dormant however you do need to keep ink in these cartridges for cleaning purposes otherwise it's possible to damage the head.
    As far as the bad print we're available to help trouble shoot the issue. Most likely it's air in the cartridges and they will need to be primed with the priming tool.

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