Hybrid Ink kit for Epson 4900 (NON-OEM)

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Get darker film positives and save money with our hybrid single use / refillable ink kit. Now available for your Epson 4900 printer is our refillable ink kit. 

  • 2 x Pre-filled 200 ml uv blocking dye black ink cartridges (Photo black and Light Black Cartridges unless otherwise requested)
  • The kit comes with 9 refillable cartridges with auto reset chips (so no need for a chip re-setter). These have the latest generation chip set with improved reliability
  • This kit works with Accurip, Wasatch, FilmMaker , Epson drivers and more.
  • Special syringe for refilling the cartridges
  • Instructions
  • 90 Day Warranty

Available for:

  • Epson 4900

Why a hybrid kit? Why not run all refillable cartridges?

In one word, reliability. The one time use cartridges are vacuum filled to oem specs and will perform as the printer was designed. Refillable cartridges can introduce air into the system if you're not careful with how you fill them or if they run too low. After years of using the 4900 we've found this to be the optimal solution.

So why not run the whole printer with one time use cartridges?

In one word price, in order to keep the price of consumables down we offer this system with refillable cartridges for all the colored cartridges that you're not using. The colored cartridges aren't being used to print with so they don't drain very fast. All you have to do is remove the cartridges from the machine from time to time to check the cleaning fluid levels and to top them off when necessary.

So why only two cartridges of black? I was told I need to fill every slot with black ink to get good film.

There are  some manufactures and distributors out there who have done a great job of promoting this idea. It's simply not the case. You can get amazing printed film with one cartridge of black. You'll also get cleaner halftone dots, crisper lines and an easier time of finding the proper resolution and droplet weight running a minimal number of blacks. We recommend running one primary black and one back up. Most RIP software now days allows you to pick and choose how many cartridges to print from and which cartridges to use. But if you're currently running an all black system and want to continue by all means please hit us up, we'd love to sell you some more ink!

We currently run our Epson 4900 in the following configuration:

  • One time use dye black ink in the PK slot- all the other slots have line flush
  • We use Accurip set at a resolution of 720x1140 with a droplet weight of 7 with the multi-black feature turned off.

Please note these are 200 ML cartridges. They will fit in the printer without sticking out.

*These are aftermarket chip resetters and are not manufactured by Epson

*Epson is a registered trademark of the Seiko Corporation

This product ships from the West Coast only

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