PrintFab RIP Software for Screen Printing

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Film Direct has recently teamed up with ZEDOnet the developers of the RIP software Printfab to offer an affordable, and easy to use RIP software for printing film positives and negatives from your ink jet printer. Printfab is a relative newcomer to the US market, however it has all the main features of both Accurip and FilmMaker at a fraction of the price. Standard features include multi-black cartridge function, the ability to print spot colors from your favorite art program, produce halftone dots and control the density of the ink. It's compatible with both PC and MAC and works with quite a few Epson, Canon, HP and Brother printers including the affordable Epson WF7210 and Canon Pro-100 . We are offering both the the PC and Mac versions along with our detailed, step by step install and configuration instructions and videos, custom settings for your printer and US phone and email support.

PrintFab Highlights and Features:

  • Comes standard with a multi-black cartridge feature with no additional monthly or yearly fees.
  • Simple to configure controls to achieve UV light blocking films for top-quality screen exposure
  • Reproduce halftone dots, assign dot size, frequency and shape
  • Print spot colors from your favorite art program.
  • Control the printer resolution and precisely control the amount of ink being deposited on the film.
  • Works with both PC and MAC.
  • Compatible with over 400 Epson and Canon Printers* (We have not tested PrintFab Screen Print Edition with all these printers. Please contact us if you have a question on a particular printer)
  • No recurring dues or subscription fees.
  • Compatible with both Film Direct UV blocking ink cartridges as well as other aftermarket or OEM solutions.
  • 30 day free trial

Additional features offered exclusively from Film Direct

  • Detailed install, configuration and user interface instructions and videos.
  • Pre-tested configuration settings and profiles for select printers. We have taken the guess work out of the myriad settings and consolidated them to easy to use cheat sheets for select Epson and Canon Printers.
  • Phone and Email tech support.

Trial Download links:

  • MAC_OS
  • Windows:



Printer Compatibility:


Current printers Film Direct has tested and has configuration profiles available for:

  • Epson 1430
  • Epson P400
  • Epson WF7210
  • Canon Pro-100
  • Epson 7890/9890

WF7210 setup and Printfab Configuration










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