CCI - DST-1 Dip'N Strip™ Tank

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55.00 LBS
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A simple, affordable, and durable Dip Tank. In a continuing effort to stay true to the EnviroLine® model, the DST-1 is made from 100% Recycled material. These Heavy Duty Dip Tanks are the best built soaking systems made specifically for the purpose of screen reclaiming. Polyethylene is an ideal material for 2 in 1 Ink / Emulsion Removers.


Our take on this product:

  • These dip tanks rock. If you haven't tried one of these tanks you're really missing out. They're so simple, but very effective.
  • Card off the ink, pull the tape and drop them in. Let them soak for 15 minutes more or less. When you pull them out most of the emulsion will already be gone. Pressure wash off the residue and they're ready for de-hazeing and degreasing. 
  • The tank holds up to 6 screens at a time.
  • Comes with enough solution to fill it once
  • The chemical solution will last a few months. Just add more water and chemical as the solution becomes diluted or evaporates.



Product Overview

•  One Piece Molded Construction
•  Ideal For Use With Emulsion Removers
•  Ideal For Use With 2 n 1 Ink & Emulsion Removers
•  Chemical Resistant
•  Guaranteed Leak Proof
•  Dramatically Reduces Chemical Usage
•  Economical
•  Increases Production
•  Low Maintenance
•  Minimal Space Requirement

Product Details

•  Made From 100% Recycled Material
•  1/4” Polyethylene
•  Accommodates 6 Screens (up to 23x31”)
•  Overall Dimensions: 36” x 16”x 26 1/4”
•  3/4” Threaded Drain
•  Includes ON/OFF Spigot
•  Includes Cover/ Lid
•  Includes Drip Tray
•  Includes Hold Down Bar

DST-1 Package

Standard Features:

•  1 DST-1 Tank
•  Includes 2x1 gl.cs. Dip’N Strip™
    (Makes 30 Gallons of Solution)
•  Includes Lid / Cover
•  Includes Drip Tray
•  Screen Hold Down Bar
•  Threaded Drain Fitting
    With ON/OFF Spigot
•  Dimensions: O.D.
   36” x 16”x 26 1/4”
•  Holds 6 Screens (up to 23” x 31”)

Product drop ships straight from distribution center please alow up to 3 days before it ships

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