Refillable Ink kit for Epson 7700/9700

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Get darker film positives and save money with our refillable ink kit. Now available for your Epson 7700 printer is our refillable ink kit. 

  • The kit comes with 5 refillable cartridges with chip resetter. These have the latest generation chip set with improved reliability
  • 16 ozs of our specially formulated dye black ink that will  give you not only really dark film positives but it also blocks out the UV light spectrum giving you cleaner burning screens.
  • And 96 ozs of our line flush. The line flush goes into the colored cartridges not being used.
  • This kit works with Accurip, Wasatch, FilmMaker , Epson drivers and more. 
  • Maintenance tank resetter
  • Instructions
  • 1 year warranty

Available for:

  • Epson 7700

The most frequently asked question we get is how many cartridges of black ink should I run? The answer comes down to a couple things. First and foremost is how many cartridges of black will your RIP support. This you will need to check your software documentation to see. The second consideration is, assuming your RIP will support multiple blacks , are you more concerned with speed or line/ dot definition. We've found that if you're looking for the cleanest line or dot use fewer cartridges of black, one is best. If you want to run fast then we suggest running multi-blacks at a lower resolution setting. We've found that the more blacks you run the more difficult it becomes to get the settings correct for clean film. At some point the film becomes over saturated, the dots get fuzzy and the print quality deteriorates. Another thing to consider is that the newer Epson heads have smaller holes for higher definition and are prone to head clogging especially if subjected to heat. If you fill all the cartridges with black and you run into problems with the head clogging you will have problems with all the nozzles. Alternatively If you're running multi-slots of line flush these nozzles won't clog. If you're main black cartridge clogs you can always change one of the line flush cartridges with black, run a couple power cleanings and you're back in business.


Please note these are 700 ML cartridges. 


 These are Epson compatible cartridges and not manufactured by Epson, Epson is a registered trademark of the Seiko corporation.

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